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Die einzige Konstante im Universum ist die Veränderung.

Heraklit von Ephesus

When you need a function, just declare it.



Ego ist eine Illusion.

Marco Asam

Life is like a camera -
focus on what's important
capture the good times,
develop from the negatives
and if things don't work out
take another shot.


reset the rules.

sonnja genia riedl

creativity is subtraction.

Austin Kleon

Art is theft: It's not where you take things from, it's where you take them to. 

Daniel Cordera about the quote of Pablo Picasso

art ist for live, not live for art.







N. - vgl. pythonbuch/gui.html. wie schliesst das button-fenster wieder? — Python Source, 0Kb

File contents

from tkinter import *

def button_action():
    anweisungs_label.config(text="Game Started")
def fenster_quit():

fenster = Tk()
fenster.title("Game Launcher")

change_button = Button(fenster, text="Start Game", command=button_action)
exit_button = Button(fenster, text="Close Game", command=fenster_quit)
anweisungs_label = Label(fenster, text="Wähle eine Option:\n\ Klicke 'Start Game' um das Game zu Starten.")
info_label = Label(fenster, text="Wähle eine Oprtion:\n\ Klicke 'Close Game' um das Game zu Schließen.")



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